Freedom Life Master

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Freedom Life Master web sheet.jpg

Freedom Life Master

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Freedom Life Master

Available Lengths


Fins: fcs-2, futures 4+1 w/ bahne box

Features: Glossed and polished, 3 color resin

dip, handshaped by Chris.

The Freedom Life Master is a high

performance short to mid length mini

tanker shape that features a wide

nose, thin fine tuned rails, and a flatter

rocker. Double concave bottom in the

tail area with slight vee off the tail

makes for fast free surfing that will

allow you to be free. The 4 plus 1 set

up allows the surfer to use the quad

set or the two plus one set up, the twin

setup, and single fin. Possibilities are

unlimited. A thinner refined

rail will keep this board loose and allow

long ripping sessions in waves from 3 ft.

to 8 feet. Sizes are available from 6’2"-

7'6". All FLM’s come with

 gloss and polish and 3 color dip.

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