Droid SW


Droid SW



Model: Droid SW

Available Lengths: 5’-6’2”

Fins: fcs-2, future Five fin set up

Features: Gloss and polish finish or sanded gloss,

resin color, handshaped by Chris.

The Droid SW is a 5 fin that offers

great paddling, flatter rocker and

subtle triple concave. These are

all shaped and colored to reflect

your personal style.

The Droid SW features a wide

flatter style shape. It will get

surfers easily back to surfing

boards under 6’. It also sports the

swallow/ fish tail, which is slightly

narrower over all than the regular

Droid. The wide shape with fuller

rails is fast and gets you off the

tail and onto the speedy middle of

the board.

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